Happy New Year

24 Jan

OK, so I’m a bit late in wishing this but I rang in the new year sick with sinus crud. I guess it was  my year as I haven’t been this sick in over 7 years. I am glad I had break to not miss any school time but sure didn’t enjoy the time I lost in getting things done. My “to do” list just grew more and more and my energy level just didn’t wish to comply and work on the list. I lost my voice for almost two weeks and although I think my guys enjoyed this, they did get tired of saying, “huh?” constantly and I was tired of repeating two and three times everything I tried to say. Frustration certainly takes away your patience quickly. I’m excited to be on the mend (I hope) and while trying to ignore several coughing fits a day, I’m trying to get to my “to do” list. There have been so many things which have happened just in the few weeks of January but they can wait to share until later. Bedtime beckons and for any of you who know me well, my bedtime hasn’t been before 11pm since I was in high school. Scary. . .


It’s Musical Time

2 Dec

Saturday and Sunday of this week the SL Musical “Grease” will be performed. I am the very lucky and proud mom of Eugene the nerd. I hadn’t been to see any SL Musicals since my daughter performed her last one in the fall of 2003. I watched the teasers they did for the grade school kids but just couldn’t bring myself to go. The stage just wasn’t the same without my girl’s voice and presence. She was such an awesome wicked stepsister in Cinderella (still my favorite one they did while she was in high school.) Having been with most of the kids since they were in Kindergarten and then on stage with them their 7th and 8th grade years in the junior high play, I was so thrilled to watch their dress rehearsal and teaser shows. It is with great pride that I watched kids who were shy in junior high performances pelt out solos on stage like they’d done it for years. Congrats troupe! I can’t wait to see the real performances.

Eugene, remember nerds are people too and I’m so proud of you for making your character come alive even more with each performance. I had flashbacks of a little boy in a Hawaiian shirt carrying Elvis signs, a mini-me Jolly Rodger Pirate, the wild ape who went bananas, an alien with attitude, the pirate with a “peg leg” alias “big blue boot” because you broke your foot the day before the dress rehearsal, and a mad scientist with foaming test tubes. Thanks for so much fun; here’s to 3 more years of performances. ;o}

What’s your favorite. . .

23 Nov

. . .Thanksgiving dish? I have to say I have several, my Mom’s oyster dressing, my maternal grandma’s pumpkin pies, my paternal grandma’s red hot applesauce and my mother-in-law’s pretzel jello. Mmmmmmm, I’m so ready for the feast. Enjoy!

Family Time

21 Nov

As we begin this part of the year when more family time happens, I hope we all pause to remember the blessings we have in our lives. Today I had a session with an awesome family. Although it was a bit chilly we had a blast. I enjoyed this session even more because we were at their house for the pictures. These pictures will mean so much to them because they were at their house. The girls picked out their favorite spot outside and had an  individual pic taken. They looked at me for just a second (like I had lost my marbles) when I asked them where their favorite place was in their yard. One picked her tree house and one picked the swing set. I know these will mean much more to them because those spots are special to them now. Someday they’ll look back and remember their special place in the yard. I love photography and how it records memories for us to smile at later. ;o}

Seniors 2012

17 Nov

CCP is currently taking applications for 2012 senior models. For more information contact Cyndi!

Where did the week go?

6 Nov

Wow, that week just flew by. Two football games and 13 football game videos later as well as the school day really made time fly by. Speaking of time, we’re “falling” back tonight for day-light savings time. Looking forward to my senior session tomorrow. I enjoyed the one I had today as well. Have fun with the rest of your weekends!

Twas’ the night before

30 Oct

Halloween and all through the house not a creature was stirring except mom at the sewing machine working on antlers for my mouse (actually moose but it didn’t go with the rhyme.) The plastic pumpkins were lined up all in a row ready for trick or treating to go go go. The sweet tooth’s were anxious to taste lots of stuff all with the hope  there would be enough. The children all snuggled down in their beds while visions of costumes danced in their heads. The witches, they cackled, the ghosts, how they booooo’d, the pirates, tightened their eye patches, and the ghouls, well just ghouled. When up from the depths of haunted sacred ground, arose the Great Pumpkin – Happy Halloween to all and to all a ghoul night!